Ted Talks: 6 Discussing Patent Challenges

December 12th, 2012 by Christopher L. Holt

We’ve covered it recently here, of course, but there just happens to be more and more talk lately regarding patent process challenges and what’s wrong with our current patent system.

Because we feel you can’t identify a solution until you fully understand the problem, I wanted to share a post I saw recently on the TED Blog, outlining 6 different TED talks that discuss perceived problems with patents.

If you’re unfamiliar with TED talks, you should definitely check them out. These short talks tend to cover trends across a variety of industries, with experts speaking about what we all can look forward to in the future. They are very inspiring and motivational, and in the case of these patent talks, very intriguing to say the least.

The 6 TED talks highlighted in this post discuss medical patents, beating patent trolls, a call for more open innovation, and building off of other’s intellectual property to evolve and become more creative. It’s true that these are all issues perceived to exist in our current patent system. However, they are also ideas that people are passionate about, and that will, someday, make their way into the mainstream and become how we practice innovation and IP in the future.

Give them a listen. You’ll love the passion behind the talks, and you may even be inspired to change things yourself.

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