PatentCore Weekly Link Round-Up – September 28

September 28th, 2012 by Christopher L. Holt

This week, the team at PatentCore has been filled with organization, planning, and preparing – great things are coming! Stay tuned!

Keeping in that spirit, let’s take a look at some new patent news that has been making the rounds this week.

Crowd Sourcing Prior Art Searching

Recently, the USPTO and the WIPO issues rules for bringing prior art to the attention of the patent examiners when filing patents. This act is essentially crowd sourcing for prior art, and it’s purpose is the permit third parties to contribute to the quality of issues patents, thus making them more involved in the patent process. It seems, now, that this practice will also begin in New Zealand. We’ll have to keep an eye out as to how well it works over there.

Google Patent Delivers Close-Up Photos When Your Phone Can’t, Blade Runners Would Approve

Creative titles certainly make for fun Fridays, don’t they? It seems that with all the enhancements made to mobile phone photography from Apple and iOS6, Google is now stepping up their game with a patent that allows for distant pictures to appear closer than they actually are. This patent allows for already-taken photos to be substituted if the user’s zoom isn’t good enough. The substitution photos would take into account geo-location, position, time of day and other factors to provide a closer-up shot of the item of interest. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Apple’s Shake-To-Charge Patent Trades Calories for Battery Life

Who doesn’t want to think of burning calories when using your iPhone? And we definitely all need our batteries to last longer. This new patent from Apple would use electromagnetic induction to convert your everyday iPhone motions into battery life. Let’s see this with the next iPhone!

Samsung May Add iPhone 5 to Patent War

And finally, it seems that the Apple and Samsung patent war is far from over. Samsung, long-thought to be the leader in LTE technology, may now include the iPhone 5 in its patent battles with Apple, as the iPhone 5 is also LTE enabled. We’ll have to see how this evolves, and how it impacts Samsung’s appeal of the Apple victory from the summer.

Have a great weekend!

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