PatentCore Weekly Link Round-Up – September 21

September 21st, 2012 by Christopher L. Holt

We’ve had another busy week here at PatentCore, including getting our next webinar ready for you all! After taking the latter half of the summer off, we’ll be back with a brand new webinar in October. Stay tuned for more details.

Before we start looking too far ahead, let’s take a quick look at some of the recent patent news making the rounds this week.

Microsoft Patent: Whack Your Phone to Shut It Up

Sounds weird, right? But it’s actually kind of genius. There are plenty of times where a phone needs to be silenced fast, and Microsoft was granted a patent to do just that. This “whack-based audio control module” will allow users to hit or whack their phones to shut them up when it’s needed quickly.

Google Patent for Pseudonyms in Social Networks

Google’s social network, Google+, launched last year and at the time, they required your commonly used name to be the name on your profile. It seems, though, that Google may be changing its stance on the subject. This new patent allows for users to use “pseudonyms” or alternative names for their profiles. Then, users could change their privacy settings to allow certain groups of users to see their pseudonyms. This is just another way for users to customize their Google+ experience.

Kodak Patent Auction Ends, No Winning Bids Acccepted

We’ve written about the Kodak patent auction previously, and it looks like we’ve closed another chapter in this company’s saga. This week, Kodak admitted that it failed to raise the $2.5 billion it needed for its patent auction. Because of this news, Kodak stated that it will delay the patent auction “indefinitely” while it evaluates additional ways to sell it’s property and raise the funds it needs.

Patent Reform: Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of the America Invents Act

It’s been just over a year since congress passed the America Invents Act. In the last year, there have been many changes happening, with many more still working through the USPTO. The America Invents Act is meant to make it easier for individual entrepreneurs to gain patents for their inventions, which will allow them to go to market faster, improve their businesses, create jobs, and stimulate the economy.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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