PatentCore Weekly Link Round-Up – September 14

September 14th, 2012 by Christopher L. Holt

This week Apple’s been in the news pretty consistently – not only because of their new patent applications and grants, but also because this week, they announced the new iPhone 5. There is a lot of conversation about patent implications of this new phone, and the potential for litigation surrounding the phone’s use of LTE, but overall, this is another great week for Apple.

But what’s going on with the rest of the world? Let’s take a look at patent news not pertaining to Apple this week.

Nike Obtains Patent for Collecting Data From Shoes

This is one of my favorite news patents. Why? Because Team PatentCore is full of avid runners and this patent could open up much more data to any of the Nike+ apps, including building out the new Nike+ Running.The amount of data these shoes could collect is staggering, and would help advertisers filter targeted ads to the users based on their running and fitness trends and even where they are currently standing.

Microsoft Patent Suggests Xbox 720 May Have Game Environment Projection System

Any gamer knows that they more real the game feels, the more fun it is to play. Microsoft’s new Xbox may be making the on-screen display even better by providing environment projection inside the gamer’s room. Potentially, a gamer could see their game world around them while playing. Pretty cool stuff.

Google Patent Points to Smart Glove Companion for Project Glass

So, Google’s glasses are still teetering on the fence of cool and odd, but now it looks like there will be a smart glove added to the plans to allow for further interaction and engagement with the Project glass display. The glove would wirelessly connect to whatever was receiving information gathered by the glove itself, and allow the user to enhance their 3D display, interact with restaurant menus, and even type on a virtual keyboard.

A Former Patent Examiner’s Perspective on the Current “Patent Hubbub”

This is a very interesting article from TechCrunch, in which G. Nagesh Rao, a former patent examiner, talks about the importance of patent law and what makes a patent stick during potential patent litigation. Referencing the recent verdict in the Apple vs. Samsung case, he states that the general public can’t necessarily understand the technicalities and complexities of the patent law system, and hopes that those engaging in tech patent disputes allow for technically appropriate judges who are training in patent law to handle their cases. This would help uphold the basics of patent law and make sure trials’ outcomes are what they should be.

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