PatentCore Weekly Link Round-Up – June 29

June 29th, 2012 by Christopher L. Holt

During this last week of June, we’ve seen some interesting patent news. Some companies are patenting great new products that could change the way we interact with each other via technology. Some organizations are trying to make patent processes more streamline. And some patent trolls are costing this country a lot of money. Let’s take a look at some top patent news from this week.

Sony Patent Filing for Glasses Would Share Data Face to Face, Carry More  Than a Hint of Project Glass

Okay, so it seems that these (somewhat ridiculous) glasses are here to stay, now with Sony filing for a patent for their own set. Only this time, data would be shared face to face – meaning two users, both wearing glasses, could stare at each other and pass data back and forth. Does this sound creepy to anyone else?

Patent Trolling Costs $29 Billion Annually in the US

We’ve written about this before on our blog, but patent trolling is a huge issue. Corporations who hoard patents only to use them as grounds for lawsuits against other companies are the lowest of the low. Unfortunately, this practice tends to make big bucks, which is why it still happens. But imagine if that money and effort went into actually creating something worthwhile – our whole world would be different.

USPTO Takes Next Step Towards Cooperative Patent Classification System

Finally, some good news. The USPTO and the EPO are meeting early in July to review the Cooperative Patent Classification system, which is a new classification system that will incorporate the best classification practices of both the U.S. and European systems to streamline patent processes. This is a huge step for inventors who want to get their product on the market as soon as possible.

Immigrants Are Crucial to Innovation, Study Says

I’m filing this under the “duh” category, as we’re a country of immigrants, all of whom came here looking for greater opportunities. However, this study, published in the New York Times, states that immigrants played a role in more than three out of four patents at the nation’s top universities. In addition, these patents were nearly all in the science, technology, engineering and math fields – all of which are crucial to job growth. The majority of the rest of the article discusses the recent immigration policies and arguments happening across the nation, and how immigration hurdles force some of our best inventors to leave the country and take their talents elsewhere. As immigration takes a front-row seat during this election year, we’ll see how it impacts the future of innovation in our country.

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