Each Reed Tech Patent Advisor™ application reports tool provides a different category of collective insight into a database comprising the procedural and substantive history of more than six million patented, abandoned and pending U.S. patent applications. These tools (outlined below) are currently offered exclusively by Reed Technology. Sign up now »

  • Open Search Access

    Open Search Accesss

    Provides instancess to comprehensive and dynamically-updated performance data for every U.S. patent examiner and art unit.

  • Application Reports

    Application Reports

    Enter a patent application identifier and instantly obtain a PDF report revealing what is statistically “normal” for the examiner and the art unit assigned to the selected application.
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  • Corporate Dashboard

    Corporate Dashboard

    Provides online access to dynamically-updated analysis of how law firms, lawyers, examiners and art units are managing the assets in a corporation’s patent portfolio.
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  • Law Firm Dashboard

    Law Firm Dashboard

    Enables IP attorneys and firms to compare their clients’ patent application statuses to specific prosecution performance metrics of the assigned examiners and art units.
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Custom Portal Services

The PatentCore development team is also available on a contract basis to upgrade any interface in the Reed Tech Patent Advisor™ information system with customized data analysis features. Built to specification, these features are updated dynamically to reflect frequent changes to the underlying databases of pre-grant patent information. Access can be restricted to users and user groups selected by the contracting party.

For more information about customizing the Reed Tech Patent AdvisorTM system for your needs, please contact:
Reed Technology & Information Services, Inc. 215-441-6749
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